Our mission at ACV Health is to provide comprehensive care to those who need it in a convenient and welcoming environment. We’re located only 20 minutes from Live Oak, Perry, Madison and Mayo and are proud to serve patients from across the state.

To work toward our mission of accessible healthcare, we’ve provided a number of free ACV Health resources to help you live a healthy, active life. We hope you take advantage of these blog posts, articles and other materials provided by our experienced healthcare team and partners.

Author: Perry Albrigo

Copeland Medical Center

ACV Health Services Staffing Update

Are you gearing up for those New Year resolutions, goals, or health transitions? You might find yourself looking for a primary physician to receive routine care. Copeland Medical Center (CMC) has a few new faces that complete a team of providers, along with a familiar face, ACV Vice President for Health Services, Keri Hilliard.

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Pharmacist with patient

Is it Allergies, a Cold or the Flu?

It is officially fall, which means fun, seasonal activities like pumpkin patches, apple orchards and hayrides are in full swing. As picturesque as the changing leaves are and as much as we may enjoy taking part in festive activities in the cool sweater weather, the fall season tends to bring about more severe allergies, colds and flu cases.

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